LeBron James’ 32-Point Second Half Circus Act Leads Heat Over Houston

11.13.12 5 years ago 11 Comments

Despite Paul Millsap and DeMar DeRozen turning in a triple overtime thriller and Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant saving Oklahoma City from what would have been an embarrassing loss versus Detroit, Monday night’s finest performance came from the best player on the planet. The previous game saw LeBron and the Heat suffer a baptism at the hands of Rudy Gay and Memphis. And at least for one half, it appeared as if The King would sleepwalk his way through Miami’s road matchup vs. Houston.* Not exactly.

LeBron turned in a virtuoso second half to the tune of 32 points giving him 38 points, 10 rebounds, six assists and no turnovers for a Heat 113-110 victory. And best believe Miami needed every bit of it (and Chris Bosh’s 24-10) to scamper past the Rockets, as well as airtight defense on James Harden on the game’s final play.** The line marked the 26th occasion James pulled off the collection of stats in his career tying him with the rest of the NBA combined since the fall of 2003. And if you’re wondering what the fourth quarter looked like, LBJ outscored Houston 11-9 in the final six minutes.

Oh, and Jeremy Lin air balled what would have been the game winning three. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Miami doesn’t exactly bring out the most confidence in that guy; seeing as how they effectively ended “Linsanity” and all.

* – One of my low-key favorite players since his college days, Chandler Parsons, did all he could for Houston with 25 points.

** – Miami appears to have still left their team defense in King Of Diamonds last summer.

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