Let’s Recall Stephon Marbury’s Tipping Point

12.28.11 6 years ago 15 Comments

New York’s Knickerbockers have plenty to smile about these days. Tyson Chandler’s on deck to enforce inside which, on paper, should energize NY’s defensive efforts all around. The club’s a point guard, and a head coach depending on who you ask, away from being a league wide problem. However, as any sports fans know, things weren’t always so promising at the Garden.

Let’s take a trip back to the summer of ’07. The Knicks came off a 33-49 year and anticipated the Zach Randolph experiment which didn’t quite work. All that shade didn’t stop your boy Stephon Marbury from dropping gems on his expected dimes to assists totals, Isiah Thomas’s round ball prophecies and how KG and Steph kept the love strictly on the court (5:27…ll.) The kicker’s always going to be him buggin’ out at the end but there’s a gang of moments in contention like calling his wife “My betta ho.” Dennis Rodman may have written the book on NBA Crazy with All-Metta World Artest rocking along as a co-author, but Marbury deserves a chapter starting with his appearance on Miked’ Up. Blame it on reefer madness if you wish but, for whatever reason, Marbury sat on another plane specifically for him that day. And I can’t figure out why no one GIF’d 8:40-8:44 in all these years. Get on it internet.

Things just got zanier for Steph from this interview onward. A head tattoo, more unsuccessful runs in NY, strange home videos on YouTube and a unfruitful title chase with Boston marred the tail end of his NBA career. Now the guard is getting a second wind in China as his Beijing Ducks enjoy a 13-2 record: tops in the CBA with a franchise record 13-0 start. Looks like the Coney Island great has his act together. Screw that though. We all know the Internet, heck mainstream media for that matter, isn’t about congratulating triumph in so much as it’s about reveling in train wrecks. And with that I give you this flick. Brace yourself if you haven’t witnessed Starbury go off on live television.

Hey, remember when I said the Knicks needed a point guard? /trollface

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