The Birth Of Young Money…

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With the amount of studio time Cita and Rabbit’s pride and joy has given us through out the past six years or so, it’s perfectly normal to have some of his material slip your memory. Hate him or love him, the Hip-Hop world remembers Wayne for classic verses, chart topping albums and legions of mixtapes. It is the mixtapes, however, which have earned him the cult-like following he has today. The Prefix, The Suffix, Dedication 2, Drought 3, The Carter 3 Sessions and the recently leaked “No Ceilings” are only a few examples of how Weezy’s underground acclaim helped kick down the door to mainstream notoriety.

Looking beyond the surface, there is one mixtape which never ceases to earn enough respect for whatever reason(s). Wayne and Drama’s first collaborative effort, The Dedication, is likely well versed by all Hip-Hop fans. On the flip side, many do not recall the double disc, NO DJ tape that accompanied it in 2005. To make a long story much shorter, I keenly remember running across this tape during my freshman year at Hampton. Initially, I took it as nothing more than a mixtape that was thrown together and randomly uploaded on Boxden. That was, until I heard Mack, Weezy and Curren$y decapitate the “Knuck If You Buck” instrumental. It was then I knew I stumbled upon something worth keeping.

The aforementioned trio, along with a few guest spots from Boo, tackle instrumentals ranging from Lil’ Scrappy’s “No Problems” to 2Pac’s “Made Niggaz” resulting in one hell of a listening experience. As a disclaimer, a good number of these tracks were found on the original Wayne/Drama project. However, here’s your chance to hear Young Money in its infant stages, long before they became arguably Hip-Hop’s most popular crew.

1. This Is How We Do
2. Lean Back
3. Ashanti Remix
4. Rep Yo Hood
5. Politician
6. We Pimpin’, Yall Simpin’
7. Fetish
8. You’re Gonna Love Me
9. Breathe
10. No Problems
11. Smoke, Drank
12. Thug Luv Freestyle
13. Two Words
14. New York

Download — Lil Wayne Presents Young Money: The Mixtape (Disc 1)

1. Mr. Biggs
2. Young Money
3. 3 Kings Freestyle
4. My City
5. Knuck If You Buck Freestyle
6. Hold You Down
7. Pop That Thang
8. Why You Lookin’ At Me
9. Drop It Like It’s Hot
10. Mama Gave Me
11. Down & Out Freestyle
12. Rest In Peace
13. I Call It Whateva
14. 2Pac Dedication

Download — Lil Wayne Presents Young Money: The Mixtape (Disc 2)

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