Links With the Cake Your Cake Should Look Like

05.07.10 7 years ago

Matt’s definitive guide to telling Vermont and New Hampshire apart.  I didn’t realize New Hampshire had such an awesome flag. [

Snake versus bazooka: who ya got? [Filmdrunk]

Birdemic in real life [WarmingGlow]

This kid can dunk. [TheSmokingSection]

8 awful video game commercials [Gunaxin]

The NFL all-crimes team. [SportsPickle]

7 total chick flicks disguised as guy movies [Guyism]

The first picture from the new episode of Futurama [ComicsAlliance]

Any announcer rant that starts with, “We stink!” has got to be good. [WithLeather]

California law targets ‘Babies’.  It’s about time someone gave those layabouts a what for.  Oh, not that kind of baby? [InsideMovies]

A day in the life of a female gamer [Unreality]

VIDEO BELOW: Ever heard the joke about Polish Lottery?  Goes a little something like this . . .  [via Arbroath]

[pictures via Reddit]

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