Mariah Carey Ft. Miguel – “#Beautiful” Video

05.10.13 4 years ago 2 Comments

The roll out continues for MiMi and Miguel’s hashtag-bearing future hit “#Beautiful” with the liberation of the visual treatment. Mariah dances for Miggy inside a barn with chandeliers and the two ride on a motorcycle enjoying the other’s company, which I’m sure is the entire point of the record in the first place.

Where there’s smoke fire is usually not far behind, so expect Mrs. Carey-Cannon to have several more hits in the chamber as the summer whisks by. But if I can step away from the song for a second, Mariah is still beautiful as ever (no pun intended). Hopefully Nick doesn’t come across these words, but coming up Mariah was my celebrity crush as a kid. And if the 27-year-old Tins could tell the nine-year-old version of myself one thing – sort of like those Blake Griffin/Kia commercials – it’d be that I picked a keeper.

While I’m positive “#Beautiful” wasn’t Mariah’s ode to our now three-decade long flame, I will go to my grave knowing “Always Be My Baby” was.

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