Marvel’s Doing a War Machine Movie?

Senior Contributor

In “least surprising news you’ll hear all day”, a tweet from Pajiba has taken the ultimate chip shot in terms of “Hollywood Rumors” and said that Marvel might maybe, just maybe, be considering doing a “War Machine” movie, if they can get the right pitch.

Beyond the tweet, well, that’s all we’ve got, but this is the definition of “easy news-making”. Hm, could Marvel be considering a spin-off to a series that has, so far, grossed $600 million apiece? I don’t know! Do they like money? If they like money, they might be thinking about doing it.

Sarcasm aside, if this is really happening, we’re excited, even if it is just going to be Iron Man with Machine Guns. Wait, that might actually be more awesome than the original movies.

[ via BleedingCool ]

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