Massholes Against Yinzers: Incredibly Grating Tensions Renewed

11.14.10 7 years ago 203 Comments

Not all of us get to root for the meteor. There have to be annoying people to fill the bandwagons struck by the meteors to make the destruction enjoyable, do there not? I do this for your future schadenfreude-fueled enjoyment.

Anyway, the Greatriots visit Pittsburgh for the right to be tied with the Jets for the best record in the AFC. The Patriots got rolled last week in Cleveland, but the Browns almost beat the Jets today. But the Jets almost lost to the Lions last week. Also, the Browns beat the Saints. And the Saints beat the Steelers. Not to mention that the Patriots beat the Ravens. And the Ravens beat the Steelers. But the Ravens beat the Jets. And the Jets beat the Patriots.

Trying to pinpoint a favorite this season is an ordeal. And yeah I know trying to base superiority on results vs. common opponents is pretty dumb, but it was illustrative of my point and besides idiots do it all the time.

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