Matt Cassel As Jerry Seinfeld

10.17.12 5 years ago 20 Comments

Ever since there was a bit of a flap the other week over some Chiefs fans cheering for Matt Cassel getting hurt, you might think it wrong or off-limits to take potshots at the beleagured quarterback. Not so! Just because you shouldn’t openly applaud when he suffers an injury doesn’t mean you can’t mock him being sh*tty or acting incredibly petty. With that in mind, he’s a story about Cassel’s college years from Yahoo! writer Dalton Del Don buried within a Week 6 recap over at Roto Arcade:

I haven’t told this Cassel story since joining Yahoo, so here it is one more time: once while visiting some of my friends in USC back in college after a night of drinking, we ended up on some fraternity row, and my friend challenged Cassel (I had no idea who he was at the time. He was backing up Carson Palmer) to a race on the street. They made a bet, and my friend smoked him. Cassel was extremely upset and demanded a rematch (and changed his shoes). This time, my friend actually let him get a head start, and he easily caught up and beat him again. Cassel was irate (his girlfriend had to console him) and never paid up.

Obviously, welshing on bets doesn’t make you a poor quarterback. If it did, Aaron Rodgers wouldn’t be throwing six TDs in a game on the road against the Texans. Also, people shouldn’t interact with quarterbacks who go to USC expecting respectable behavior. I mean, really.

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