¡MAYDAY! Presents “On That Jack,” An Ode To The Iconic Beverage Known As Jack Daniels

01.09.14 4 years ago

Miami’s known as one of the foremost party cities in America. Partying normally requires alcohol. Jack Daniels has been everyone’s favorite uncle to party with since roughly September 1850.

¡MAYDAY!’s “On That Jack” details the experience of millions of men and women across the world letting loose on the weekend (or as the cool kids referred to it in 2013, “turning up”) and the liquor courage they employ to do so. In fact, if the higher ups at Jack Daniels come across this video, sliding the Miami group a check wouldn’t be a bad look at all.

And to whoever at the company had the brilliance to make Honey Jack a reality, may the heavens bless you and your family for the next seven generations.

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