McDonald’s F*cking Awesome New Burger

03.22.13 5 years ago 23 Comments

Waxing the Gawker machine with a fresh coat of sarcasm yesterday, Hamilton Nolan noted that McDonald’s big new American food launch includes an item that looks fairly similar to one it already has, the snack wrap. But what let-down Americans should know is that Micky D’s saved all the good artery-bursting ideas for China.

Brand Eating noted that McDonald’s China will begin serving a Sausage Double Beef Burger because why the hell not? The Chinese offering, which will sell for 17.5 yuan (about $2.82 USD), includes two thick, meaty links, two more hamburger slabs and a heavy drizzling (*Barry White* “Oh Yeah” bellow) of mustard. The bread will be something that “looks to be a pretzel bun.”

Brand Eating also mentions that China’s meat-on-meat tower closely resembles a product McDonald’s sold exclusively in Germany, the Nuremburger, which is the exact same thing as the Chinese shit cannon but without the patties and with one extra sausage (see picture above). So much sausage.

You won’t be able to get this in the States. Again: this will not be available in the United State of America, maybe ever. Americans get chicken half-rolled in a limp flour tortilla with ranch squirts. Yummy.

Via: Brand Eating, Gawker

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