Meast And Least For Week 12

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Today marks the fifth anniversary of Sean Taylor’s death. As the original Meast, there’s no more fitting place for us to honor his memory than here. There are any number of tragic things to consider about Taylor’s death: the family left behind, the promising career cut down way before its true potential could be realized and the fact that justice has yet to be carried out against those who killed Taylor. spoke with Taylor’s father about his plans on the anniversary of his son’s passing.

Taylor will honor his son today in Miami: “One of the things I’ll do is I’ll go out and revisit his grave site and be there for a little bit,” he said. “[I will] clean it up and make sure everything looks good and tight-knit.”

Sean’s tombstone aptly features artwork of the 2004 first-round draft pick breaking up a pass and flipping a Dallas Cowboy player in midair. The design is indicative of how Sean played: fearless and unrelenting. One of the most feared players during his three and a half years in the National Football League, Taylor was known for delivering bone-crushing hits and highlight reel turnovers.

There are plenty of other remembrances, perhaps most heartfelt by the two men who played with him in college and the pros.

R.I.P Meast.

The Sean Taylor Memorial Meast of Week 12 is Ray Rice, who converted a dumpoff pass on a 4th and 29 into a game-saving first down. Rice might have gotten the benefit of a questionable downfield block and a generous spot, but he also should have realistically been stopped for a 10-yard gain by a bevy of San Diego defenders. Not gonna cry too hard for a team that does so much to embody the innate leastiness of the Norval Way.

Also receiving consideration: Julio Jones, Janoris Jenkins, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Ahmad Brooks

The Jeff George Memorial Least of Week 12 is the Jets. Take your pick. They’re all Leasty. I initially wanted to single out Shonn Greene, because it was his terrible fumble in the second quarter that set the daisy chain of ultimate derpiness in motion, but that overlooks the towering achievement of shittiness that the rest of the team put together. Also, i wouldn’t have the excuse to once again post the GIF of Mark Sanchez running into his lineman’s ass and fumbling and that would be a shame.

Also receiving consideration: Steelers running backs, Brandon Pettigrew, Earl Thomas, Peyton Hillis

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