Meek Mill: Court Orders Rapper To Take Etiquette Classes Due To Bad Behavior On Twitter

06.30.13 4 years ago 17 Comments

The headlines write themselves. With the deadline of August 4th, Meek Mill has been ordered to complete etiquette classes at a recent probation violation hearing. We’ve seen people incriminating themselves via social networks, but Meek Milly takes it to another level.

The judge sounded less amused than each person who reads Jay-Z unreleased song lyrics, expecting that our favorite ALL-CAPS rapper will “refine” his social media skills after some of his tweets resulted in his fans threatening his probation officer. Additionally, she hopes that the skills he learns how to behave better in court and may help him to explain what he does to make a living, following a less than stellar court appearance by the Maybach Music rapper.

“Meek Mill – legally known as Robert Williams – is in need of the classes based on how he speaks in court, how he acts outside of court and things he has posted on social-media sites, Common Pleas Judge Genece Brinkley said during a probation status hearing. “That’s why I wanted an etiquette person to help him out. He has a lot of issues,” Brinkley told defense attorney Gary Silver.

“He has to watch what he puts on social media. It can affect his freedom,” said DeSantis, who verbally sparred with Silver during yesterday’s hearing.

“You just gonna miss money all day,” Mill said. “That’s the consequences of being on probation,” DeSantis snapped.”

The court recommended that Philadelphia radio host Dyana Williams conduct the classes because of her expertise with the music business. The judge also remarked that the classes were “more important than any concert he might have.”

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