Female Fan Who Got Dropkicked By Miguel Is Exploring Her “Legal Options”

Life Writer
05.31.13 37 Comments

Miguel might be facing a lawsuit from the woman he accidentally dropkicked during his Billboard Music Awards performance earlier this month.

Khyati Shah became the butt of jokes when an overexcited Miguel attempted to jump from one stage to the next, missing his landing and injuring her and another female fan instead. Despite meeting with the singer afterwards and admitting she didn’t suffer any injuries, Shah has retained a lawyer.

According to her attorney Vip Bhola, Shah is looking into filing a lawsuit against the singer pending her medical results, claiming Shah has been suffering “difficulties” since the leg drop. “We will determine that after we have feedback from medical providers,” Bhola said.

Bhola added that he has yet to speak with Miguel’s legal reps, but is open to a settlement.

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