Morgan Freeman’s Compelling Argument and Links

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07.23.10 2 Comments

PICTURE: Click to enlarge [Reddit via DaveandThomas]

Anime Fleshlights & Macarena videos: A Comic Con Day 1 Photo/Video Essay [Filmdrunk]

Comic Con Video: David Hasselhoff’s party bus  [Filmdrunk]

The 5 Worst Things About the Gaming Industry [Uproxx]

Summer Guide: Arizona Arnold Palmer [Uproxx]

Every Doctor Who opening sequence [WarmingGlow]

Terrified Donkey Terrorizes Friendly Skies. What an ass. [WithLeather]

You Won’t Make It Through Customs With These Stickers [TheSmokingSection]

Axe Cop and Dr. McNinja to Team Up in a Webcomic. Hell Yes. [ComicsAlliance]

1983 Playmate Playoffs (safe for work) [TheSmokingJacket]

7 summer fashion choices that men should probably avoid [Guyism]

The Funniest Sports Fights Of All Time (video slideshow) [BleacherReport]

Amazon Review Pranks: A Field Guide [Urlesque]

VIDEO AND GIF BELOW: Condescending Apple Press Conference [CollegeHumor]

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