The 10 Things You Missed In Game Two

06.07.10 7 years ago 23 Comments

A list of probable things you may have not noticed from Game 2. Strike off the one entry talking about Ray Ray raining three pointers in the first half, tying a Finals record. Everyone clearly saw that (right Kobe?). We’re talking about a few of the under the radar items, like “Boston Sucks” being incorporated into “The National Anthem” and Lakers fans reluctant to wear white.

Laker Fans in No Rush To Wear Free Nike T-Shirts

To compliment the Sunday white Lakers uniforms, everyone at the Staples Center received a white Nike t-shirt that said “All Together Now.” Instead of fans putting on the shirts to create a “whiteout” crowd, most didn’t bother. What else would you expect from a crowd that features more designer outfits than Kobe Bryant jerseys.

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