Azealia Banks – “F*ck Up The Fun” (Prod. by Diplo)

03.26.12 5 years ago 15 Comments

While the verdict on Azealia Banks has been relatively positive in our reclusive online society, that may not be the case with the general public. When I recently heard her breakthrough song “212” debuted on Detroit radio, the consensus of caller feedback was that she was a Nikki Minaj wannabe and her house-infused raps didn’t belong on urban radio. Quite frankly, there wasn’t a single positive thing said from listeners and the DJs didn’t disagree.

But, is the scrutiny really a case of dislike or simply unfamiliarity in an over-saturated market? Well, whether you think she’ll live up to the hype or not, the Harlem MC with Kanye ties delivers further proof she can at least rap on this new freebie, entitled “F*ck Up The Fun.” Delivered via Twitter over the weekend, this bare-bones joint finds Azealia exhausting her flow over Diplo’s heavy-hitting hollow drums, essentially in an effort to simply show off.

If you listen, Ms. Banks seems more concerned with being better than other female rhymers than she does about being another pop-friendly superstar, which is actually kind of nice for a change. And, if that is indeed the case, than she’s already winning in my book, no matter what anyone says.

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