Crooked I – “Cocaine Is A Helluva Drug”

12.28.11 6 years ago 3 Comments

Songs like “Cocaine Is A Helluva Drug” are why I’ve been claiming Crooked as one of my favorite rappers for the past seven years. Obviously, everyone enjoys hearing the Slaughterhouse member incinerate microphones with his lyrical prowess. Hell, verse for verse, even Royce considers him the best out of the group. However, for as technically sound as the LBC general is, his ability to visually depict damn near anything with his pen and create full-on concept songs that pull fans in and educate them along the way is what’s always impressed me most.

And, with this unreleased ode to the white girl who loves to run through anyone who lets her, C-R-double-Uh-Oh learns listeners by revealing some extremely deep details about the problems she’s caused members of his own family. Lacing some tight strings and a heavy-hitting kick with an introspective narrative on how his aunt made up elaborate stories about being raped to hide her crack habit and his uncle takes pride in being a “functional crack head,” Crook paints such a despicable picture of the damage Aguilara can cause that even the deepest fiends will reconsider their habits upon hearing this.

Crooked I – “Cocaine Is A Helluva Drug” (Unreleased)

Crooked I – “Sweet (Freestyle)”

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