Earl Sweatshirt Comes “Home” With New Song That Isn’t Very Good

02.09.12 6 years ago 31 Comments

Pardon me for not being totally up to speed on the whole Earl Sweatshirt thing. Being a pseudo part-time journalist and all-around curious person, I did keep up with parts of “Free Earl” campaign mounted by OFWKillallyoumofos but made it my duty not get swarmed by the hype. Sorry, but Charles Hamilton was the last train of that nature I ever really want to be part of. David took the bait, listened and wrote an article a while ago but I kept this blissful look of ignorance and said “I’ll wait.”

After listening to Earl’s newest track, aptly titled “Home,” I have to ask if this is what we were waiting for? Young Sweatshirt plays the part of rapper really well considering he came home, hopped on Twitter and promised to release an mp3 to fans once he hit a certain plateau of followers. But the song itself leaves much to be desired from an artist hipster writers anointed with oil and Tyler compared to Nas*. I’m pretty sure Earl’s much like T.I., Gucci and all those other guys who’ve maintained temporary residence in lockdown facilities and needs time to regain his footing a bit before he starts shredding mics like most outlets would have you believe he was doing before he went to kiddie bootcamp. For now, my refrain will remain “I’ll wait” since I have had decent people pointing out the good in Sweatshirt’s abilities.

From here, I guess I better get on my new media J.O.B. and start paying attention because it’s going to be interesting to see what happens. Earl was a part of Odd Future’s “story,” a subplot that had media and fans captivated enough to run off on wild hunts** to discover if the teen was actually being held against his own will and such. Now that one of the group’s supposed best rappers is back, we get to see how merited the collective’s early critical claim really was and whether they’re real rap or just another novelty act.

Earl Sweatshirt – “Home”

* – Did he mean Illmatic Nas or Nas from one of the darker, less talked about periods when his music was meh?

** – I f*cks with you Complex but going to wild lengths to determine a minor’s whereabouts was a little on the creepy side.

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