Lil Boosie Feat. Ray Vicks – “Money Got Me F*cked Up”

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New Boosie. Unfortunately, there’s no information where this is from or where it will end up. Just add it to the archives and go about your day like any Bad Azz fan would. Drake may have money to make all his dreams a reality, but Boosie and Ray Vick’s love of cash has got them both in precarious situations and on the brink of paranoia. And say what you will about if Boosie’s got a free trip to heaven once he leaves here, buddy lightweight went in on that first verse.

“All I see is paper, paper, paper in my dreams
My favorite friend down to jump me in my favorite dream
See people after my green up in my fucking dreams
God show me they faces so when I wake up I’m alert
But goodnight on that purp, I’ma dream bout some bucks
If I ain’t high, I dream bout death nigga, I’m fucked up
I wake up my girl be shakin’ me like what’s wrong
I told her I just talked to Ivey and he wasn’t gone
My grandma told me if you dream rainbows money finna come
Last week I dreamed that and I got my ass capped
Shit, shit, I need some medicine
All this shit I done seen with my eyes I’m a veteran
I be dreaming Ferraris, seven car garages
A hundred thousand spread over the bed having menages
I’m big money, if you ain’t know get ya mind right
I slang iron for money, I’m straight dyin’ for money
This the life I live…”

Lil Boosie Feat. Ray Vicks – “Money Got Me F*cked Up” (Prod. By Big Wayne)

Respect: TnT

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