Lil Wayne x Gudda Gudda – “That’s What They Call Me”

04.05.11 7 years ago 6 Comments

“And since my case, I got all guns in my mama name…”

Here’s a novel idea. Wayne should release a No Ceilings 2 or Dedication 4, even prior to the fourth installment of Tha Carter. There still seems to be something missing about Wayne’s buzz as that May release date marches closer and closer. I respect buddy’s G and his star power, so that’s not to say the young Martian couldn’t sell 250K first week right now if need be. But that almost insatiable appetite for Weezy’s music doesn’t seem to mimic past occurrences at the moment. What do I know though?

“That’s What They Call Me” sees the often forgotten (but sometimes effective) combo of Skylar Diggins’ new love interest and Gudda Gudda for this quirky cut littered with catchy one liners and, unfortunately, skips. The powers that be have no clue where this will end up, if anywhere. Still, one of these days your grandkids will ask about a gentleman named Lil Wayne about 30 years from now and this will be one of the songs you play for them. Ok, not exactly, but it’s another for the catalogs.

About that No Ceilings 2 though…


Lil Wayne & Gudda Gudda – “That’s What They Call Me”

Respect: X

Bonus: Since we’re here, let’s continue to pay homage to the little man with an unstoppable work ethic. He and Kelly Rowland let go of the visual for their uplifting sexual number “Motivation.” As always, Kelly looks nice. Real nice.

When you’re the Queen, taking whatever you see fit and making it your own is second nature. That’s exactly the case here and Mary J is moving full steam ahead with her first single “Someone To Love Me” featuring Puffy and Weezy, which if you remember was originally on Dirty Money’s Last Train To Paris.

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