Open Thread: 22 Questions Leading Into Game 6 Of The NBA Finals

06.12.11 6 years ago 25 Comments

Everyone agrees. The 2010-2011 NBA season has been one for the ages thanks to a variety of reasons; a big one being this NBA Finals. Already drenched in drama and storylines, the season could very well come to an end tonight on South Beach. Or we could be right back here Tuesday night for one of the biggest, most scrutinized Game 7’s in sports history. Regardless, the Crew took on the liberty of creating 22 questions heading into Game 6. Some more pressing than others. Take a look.

1. Will the city of Cleveland throw a parade for the Mavericks if they win?

2. If the Heat lose, does Chris Bosh become scapegoat and get traded, even though he’s had a pretty good postseason?

3. Will Jason Kidd finally answer this lifelong question: is his son’s head bigger than the Larry O’Brien Trophy?

4. Is Rashard Lewis the new Delonte West?

5. How happy is American Airlines right now?

6. If Dallas is up 20 at halftime, how far into the third quarter before Bosh starts crying?

7. Will the guy in the Uggs spaceboots be there in his usual seat?

8. When will LeBron concede defeat to his receding hairline?

9. Does Pat Riley stand idly by as Erik Spoelstra gets his ass handed to him, or does he emerge from the shadows and totally undermine everything Spoelstra’s tried to do?

10. Why do they let Sammy Sosa sit courtside?

11. How many mispronunciations will Magic make in his analysis?

12. Where will Spoelstra hide if Miami loses?

13. If this series goes seven games and becomes the best Finals since the ’90’s, how will that effect labor negotiations?

14. Can J.J. Barea turn his solid Game 5 performance into a lengthy contract?

15. If Dirk wins a chip, will his fadeaway become the patented move mimicked on playgrounds across America?

16. Is it fatigue that’s made it virtually impossible for LeBron to penetrate the paint or are Shawn Marion and Jason Kidd really defending him that well?

17. Will the refs take the game over?

18. If the Heat lose and Birdman loses $2M in the process, is it written in stone that producers on Tha Carter IV really won’t get paid now?

19. Vegas has the total points at 187, so over or under?

20. What are the Vegas odds of Mark Cuban doing The Dougie if they win?

21. Could this be the last we hear from Tins for a very long time?

22. Does anyone want to watch this well done video by the NBA, a mini-movie recap of Game 5?

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