Para One Ft. Cam’ron – “Every Little Thing (Remix)”

03.06.13 5 years ago

Maybe I’m not cultured enough, but to say I was familiar with Para One’s music prior to their “Every Little Thing (Remix)” would make me a liar. But if they’re all right in Cam’ron’s book, then dammit, they’re fine by me.*

Those who follow Para One and our Marble entourage since the mid 2000?s know how important this is for him and for our extended family of artists. Cam’ron was the number 1 rapper for many of us, and as far as music, poetry, marketing strategies and fashion goes, the mark he left on rap and modern music as a whole is unprecedented and would probably take a whole book to explain. We are still blown away by the fact he accepted to appear on Every Little thing. His verse (which he starts by re-singing the original melody from the chorus in his own Cam’ron words) is a straight-from-the heart-love letter – Cam’ron style – to a very special lady with a “Booty like a mountain”. Apparently it’s Valentine’s day every day for Killa Cam.

Cam’ron. Rapper. Entrepreneur. Hustler. Part-time crooner. (Potential) Real-life Elliot Stabler. Actor. An overall man of the people. Where’s Time magazine? They’ve already got their Man of the Year right here.


* – Look for a remix EP from Para on March 25.

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