The Patriots Place Brandon Spikes On IR For Missing Team Meeting During Playoff Bye Week

01.11.14 4 years ago 51 Comments

(via Getty Image)

Also because, you know, he has a knee injury. But this is a way for Bill Belichick to look like a hardass on someone unlikely to play anyway. Spikes, who appeared in all 16 regular season games and is regarded as their best run stopper, is a free agent after this season and some are speculating that this spells the end of his time with the Patriots.

Of course, there was a day that week that Spikes was unable to leave his house because his car was stuck in the snow. But no way Belichick would be spiteful enough to hold that against him. No way, not Grumblelord.

UPDATE: And, yes, WEEI confirms that the Jan. 3 team meeting was “the final straw” for Belichick. REAL GREATRIOTS DON’T GET THEIR CARS STUCK IN THE SNOW! Also similar to what happened when Adalius Thomas was sent home from a meeting for being nine minutes late.

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