Philadelphia Eagles Add Murderleg, Team Becomes More Murder-y On Kickoffs

05.12.14 3 years ago 44 Comments

Casey Spear Murderleg

NFL kickers have an unfortunate reputation for being soft and running away from the ball once they’ve safely kicked it away from them. When a kicker makes a block or even runs another player out of bounds, it makes the highlight reel.

Meet Casey Spear, better known as “Murderleg” on the field, an undrafted free agent signed by the Philadelphia Eagles over the weekend. Why Murderleg? Because how many kickers have significant tackle stats. While at Vanderbilt, Murderleg earned a reputation for throwing all 194 pounds of himself straight at the runner during kickoff, garnering the highest of honors, ESPN Top Ten Plays highlights and fans making YouTube videos set to modern metal.

Murderleg is a bad-ass name when compared to the Caseys, Rileys, Masons and Austins of the ’90s babies, so we hope both he and the name stick around the league even though we know Lord Rog must be silently seething at highlights where someone “got rocked” by a guy with the word “murder” used to describe him. Since The Shield prefers to keep the murdering to nightclubs after last call, don’t be surprised if this nice young man gets a note from the league asking if he’d be interested in a new nickname like Bruisingleg or Stronglywordedletterleg.

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