Place Your Bets: The TSS x Super Bowl XLV Prop Picks

02.04.11 7 years ago 10 Comments

Art by Anthoniaa

One of the biggest reasons casual fans enjoy the Super Bowl besides the commercials is the prop bets. In case you don’t know, prop bets are bets on occurrences that are mostly unrelated to the actual game taking place. I wanted to introduce you to a few Hip-Hop/TSS-related bets that will make your Sunday night even better. Add some more so we can have a nice healthy list come game time.

Black & Yellow — The song has taken a life of its own, so I’m wondering how many times will it get some play in front of the biggest Super Bowl we’ve ever seen.

Over/Under on how many times “Black and Yellow” gets mentioned: 3

Over/Under on how many times “Green and Yellow” gets mentioned: 1

Over/Under on how many times we’ll actually hear Wiz Khalifa’s name called during the telecast: 1

Total Complete Passes Thrown vs. The amount of times the phrase “Black & Yellow” is said during “Black & Yellow” (-5)

Amount of “Black & Yellow” freestyles (-1,000,000) vs. How many people watch the Super Bowl

Halftime Show — Well, at least they’re not nearly-dead white guys. Still, the BEP may lead to a mass suicide if we have to endure too much of them.

Over/Under on how many Black Eyed Peas songs you listen to before giving up: .0002

Over/Under on how many people in your room have heard Behind The Front: 1

Over/Under on when you finally realize what the other two guys in BEP do: March 2015

The amount of words that get edited out (-6) vs. Steelers passing touchdowns

Times the commentators mention Fergie’s “lumps” in the second half vs. Aaron Rodgers interceptions (-1)

People across the world that enjoyed the Halftime Show vs. People on your couch (-3)

Dr. Dre albums released in 2011 vs. Amount of nipples Fergie shows (-.5)

The Commercials — How many of you watch the game just for the commercials? Don’t be ashamed I won’t judge you. Sike! That makes you totally gay. At least while you’re enjoying your commercials you can cash in on some bets.

Over/Under on commercials with Hip-Hop songs: 6

Over/Under on how many commercials feature rappers: 5

Over/Under on how many commercials feature rapping animals: 5

Commercials featuring Lil Wayne vs. Super Bowl XVL MVPs won by guys accused of rape: (-.5)

E*Trade Baby commercials vs. Brett Favre Mentions: (-2)

Commercials with White people rapping (-.5) vs. Super Bowl XVL MVPs won by guys that replaced washed-up horny QBs that take pictures of their penises

People that say “DAMN!” or some derivative thereof during Kim Kardashian’s Skechers commercial vs. People that say “what the hell” or some derivative thereof during Eminem’s Iced Tea puppet commercial: (+.5)

Cigs We give em’ out. They’re also fun for prop picking.

Steeler Sacks vs. Cigs for My Beautiful Dark And Twisted Fantasy (-.5)

Total passing touchdowns vs. Cigs for No Mercy: (+1)

Total rushing touchdowns (-.5) vs. Cigs for Teflon Don

Roethlisberger’s interceptions vs. Cigs for Trina’s Amazin’: (-1)

Players that get decapitated (-1,000) vs. Cigs for Khia’s Nasti Muzik

Bonus: Names The Game drops on Purp and Patron vs. Amount of money in fines James Harrison had to pay in the 2010 season: (-1)

That’s all folks. Add your prop picks in the comments. Enjoy yourselves and have a great Super Bowl Sunday.

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