Please Join Us For The KSK Draft Live Blog

04.25.12 5 years ago 53 Comments


It’s been almost three months since the last liveblogification at KSK. I’ve gotten alarmingly sober as a result. Anyway, we hope everybody remembered how to shout things out all at once, because tomorrow evening KSK is bringing it live blog style for the broadcast for the first round of the draft. Which team will be pitiful enough to draft Ryan Tannehill in the top 15? Doesn’t really matter, but we look forward to laughing heartily at them.

Oh yeah, everybody wants to trade now! Schefter said so. No way smokescreens are involved. The ever-enjoyable fake Schefter feed is also hard at work, catching out Internet rubes with the report that the Bills and the Jags have already pulled off a trade. I’m glad that’s fake. Teams should never announce trades before the actual draft broadcast. It kills all the drama. Nothing’s better than when the commissioner comes to the podium and announces that we have a trade, forcing everyone to lose their sh*t. It’s the best.

Ufford and myself will be in attendance tomorrow night in New York as guests of GMC. Thanks, GMC. If I ever make enough money blogging to afford a car, I’ll totally keep you in mind. We’ll be on the lookout for mockable content to pass along, plus we’ll be able to hear live the very picks that you’re watching at the same time on TV. It’ll be exciting! You’ll have to let us know whether ESPN and NFL Network are living up to their promises not to tip all the picks. I expect Berman will only redouble his efforts at dickishness.

Since I’ll be in transit for most of the rest of the week (BOLT BUS TRAVEL NUGGETS TO COME), Uproxx veterans Burnsy and Danger Guerrero will be filling in for yours truly at KSK prior to 8 p.m. on Thursday and all of Friday. Burnsy is a Dolphins fan, so there’s a better than fair chance there could be several lengthy rants about Jeff Ireland and Stephen Ross should Tannehill be Miami-bound. We should be so lucky.

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