The Rams Tried To Inflict Brett Favre On Us

10.24.13 4 years ago 53 Comments


Listen up and listen good, Jeff Fisher and Les Snead: I know your season is in the dumps and you’re upset about it. Understandable. That’s no reason to go nuclear and call up 44-year-old, dick-picing land baron Brett Favre about him once again returning to the NFL. Your sour grapes should not spell doom for us all. Just because Peter King carries water for you guys doesn’t mean you should let him make personnel decisions for you. It’s telling that you’ve done such a bad job putting a team together that even Favre turned you down. That’s right, the old dongslinger would rather stay retired than run for his life behind that offensive line and watch Tavon Austin drop his wounded ducks.

You didn’t call Tebow, however, so it’s clear you still have some shred of sanity. Cling to that shred. Keep it close and hold it dear. For all of us.

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