Randy Moss Sounds Better Set To A Beat Than You Do

11.04.10 7 years ago 15 Comments

Even though Randy Moss’ image has basically devolved to the level of Terrell Owens if T.O. had street cred and fewer TV shows, but Moss is still capable of inspiring people to make a mix of his notable quotes. And by “people,” I mean DJ Steve Porter, who has carved out his possibly lucrative niche as the provider of sports-themed hip-hop tracks. He has to be the most successful DJ in the world who will never be played in a club.

Now that he’s on the Titans, I expect excessive antics out of Moss and Chris Johnson. Cop Speed on Sunday scored a touchdown and set the ball at the feet of a Chargers’ cheerleader. Hopefully his influence will convince Moss to improve on that chicken wing celebration thing he does when he scores.

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