Rest Assured, Little Kid Philip Rivers Was Crazy Too

11.14.13 4 years ago 40 Comments


One doesn’t become a hyper intense maniac like Philip Rivers overnight, so it should come as little surprise that Marmalard exuded the same behavior when he was a wee little tyke, so over-the-top competitive that he scared away the neighborhood children.

Philip Rivers, son of a football coach, would bring home the chalk and the end zone pylons from the high school equipment room.

He’d line the backyard grass and mark off the end zones and play against whatever kids were willing to do so. All day, every day.

There was even Gatorade in the cooler on the sideline.

I’ve been there, seen the Alabama sod where the future Chargers quarterback would sometimes take it a little too far. I remember that his parents told me — and Philip Rivers later confirmed – that more than once a visiting friend/opponent would go away miffed at the intensity with which young Phil would want to win.

“Sometimes I’d have to say ‘Come on! We have to play harder! This isn’t a joke-around game,’ “ Rivers recalled on Wednesday.

“Those will come later when I’m playing in the NFL and my team is out of the playoff hunt in Week 14!”

There are undoubtedly people who see stuff like this and say, “Phil was just showing early that he’s a born competitor and natural leader!” And, yeah, there might be a grain of truth to that, but the same probably would have been true if he grew up to be a serial killer.

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