Richard Sherman: Choir Boy

01.28.14 4 years ago 58 Comments


It’s Super Bowl Media Day which means of course that the players are dragged out onto the field, (or in this case due to weather, the home of the New Jersey Devils, wherever that is) propped up at a table and made to answer every single question posed to them by a group of people who got media passes presumably by spending some time in college… whatever that is.

Richard Sherman predictably is a popular character, after he gave the most candid and interesting post game since “Ice Up Son”. In a stammering, and heavily guided, round of questioning, a woman asks Sherman about strip clubs, attempting to get him to weigh in on the feminist issue of keeping America’s daughters off the pole.

A bad example for our young ladies? Pretty sure tossing your cabbage in the air after a gymnastic titty quake is probably a bad example for all of society. Just ask Pacman Jones.

Turns out that Sherman claims to have never been to a strip club, and steers the conversation towards some Paul Krugman-y economics type stuff instead of just answering what the woman wants to hear; something about young girls being America’s greatest hope/asset. Way to not catch a question floated right at you, Sherman. Of course, if you had hands, you’d be on offense.

[vid via SB Nation]

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