Ride the Spider

Entertainment Editor

Alert Jon Peters immediately; the giant spider for his third act has arrived.  The Mondo Crew from Vancouver built this 1,700 lb, 8-legged electric vehicle for Burning Man.  The Mondo Spider has since been upgraded and shown off in the video below of Dale Dougherty (founder of the Maker Faire) riding it.  One of the few walking electric passenger vehicles in the world, it’s 251.2 cm (~8.25 ft) in diameter and 129 cm (~4.25 ft) tall.  It turns using skid steering and has a 48V Lithium Iron Phosphate battery with 160Ahr capacity. It can also move backwards, which comes in handy for its primary purpose, which its creators say is “killing 20 hippies per minute.”  Only 20?  We’re going to need a lot more mondo spiders.

[via DVICE, more videos at the official site]

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