Rob Liefeld Lets Marvel’s Cat Out Of The Bag, Draws It With Huge Muscles

11.17.10 7 years ago

I may have taken some liberties with this photo.

Marvel is currently Deadpool Corps was intended to be a 12-issue mini-series.  He followed up with a post on BleedingCool:

First off, I’d like to point out that my last issue, #9 has been completed. I asked off DPC in the summer and stayed until #9. The book was always referred to as a 12 issue maxi series, like Merc w/a Mouth before it. I did covers #1-12. 12 was referred to as the final cover.

I’m confused as to the poll. But a stunt is a stunt and Marvel is free to do as they please. Maybe it will rally support. It’s certainly grabbed attention. Never know. I just hope that Victor and Marat’s work on DPC is completed.

I bet Marvel’s as mad about this as we were when we told Liefeld our secret prize-winning marmalade recipe in confidence and he wrote it into the storyline of X-Force. Why would Archangel need marmalade to reattach his wings anyway? Ridiculous.

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