Sabzi – The Woods Mixtape

12.29.13 4 years ago 4 Comments

Sabzi The Woods Cover

Sabzi saved the day for me. I have been a little bored with rap for a while – since a couple Sundays ago when I thought it would be a good idea to listen to Chicago’s drillers all day long while I cooked spaghetti sauce, if we’re going to be specific – so it’s been tough to be excited about most music.

Yes, Sabzi, or Sabzi In The Heights as the art says, raps, but The Woods doesn’t feature any of that. Instead, it is a reminder that he’s super skilled on the beats. Aside from a couple tracks with his Made In Heights cohort Kelsey Bulkin, the tape is mostly his instrumentals. Words aren’t needs, though there are some rather interesting spoken parts, as the beats encompass this bizarro territory where electronic music evokes a feeling of nature and, well, The Woods. In other words, it sounds very organic and humanized despite it coming from a computer, drum kits, and synths. A crazy juxtaposition, but even crazier at how he effortlessly executes it.

To be technical, Sabzi didn’t save rap, per se, but he made me excited about music again. Plus, in the whole scheme of me making bad choices by listening to the same shit over and over – because, truly, we do need to look at inner selves before placing blame on everything or everyone else = “Sick Beat, Bro” couldn’t be any more appropriate or funnier.

H/T: 206UP

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