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03.27.14 4 years ago 6 Comments

Scientists Confirm: No, It’s Not OK For You To Pee In The Pool [University Herald]

Nebraska Dog Dials 911 On Owner’s Smartphone [AP]

These Colleges And Majors Are The Biggest Waste Of Money [The Atlantic]

Bills Introduced In Congress Banning Online Gaming [Yahoo]

The 15 Things Never To Say At The Gym [GQ]

Will Jay Z Actually Show Up On Vh1’s ‘This Is Hot 97’? [MTV]

How The Average McDonald’s Makes Twice As Much As Burger King [Businessweek]

Heineken’s Plan To Win Back Drinkers: Add Tequila [Fast Co]

The New Retirement Plan For Pron Stars [Daily Dot]

Alicia Keys Crushes In Return To Instagram [Urban Daily]

Is This the Golden Age of Sex Addiction Films? [Flavorwire]

Pron Editor Does A Reddit AMA, And His Answers Did Not Disappoint [Uproxx]

7 Unreal Things You Used To Be Able To Buy In Louisiana With Welfare Money [Giant]

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