Seahawks Continue Torrid Love Affair With Packers Backup QBs

03.18.12 6 years ago 40 Comments

A Seahawks quarterback who isn’t Tarvaris Jackson, is possibly competent and loves dogs? Make those dogs corgis and Ufford has a new unhealthy man crush.

Matt Flynn, the sought-after NeckAIDS-free free agent QB, has signed a deal with Seattle for a fairly reasonable three years, $26 million, $10 million of which we’re told is guaran-damn-teed. Not bad given the Cards had to fork over $21 million guaranteed to an inferior looking Kevin Kolb just last year, not to mention an additional $7 million roster bonus to him this past Friday.

Peter King speaks of Flynn’s six-touchdown game against the Lions in hushed quasi-Al Bundy-esque tones, but there’s no denying that the guy has looked good whenever he’s gotten a shot to play.

A smart move for the C-Hox, which makes for scant opportunity for mocking at the moment. Good thing everyone is pointing and snickering at Miami, who won’t get Peyton, didn’t get Flynn and will now have to reach for Ryan Tannehill, who they still may not be able to get in the draft depending on how desperation level of the Browns. Oh, and there’s the part where the Dolphins just traded their best offensive weapon for a couple mid-round picks.

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