Seahawks Fans Tried To Send A 12th Man Flag Into Space

09.11.13 4 years ago 24 Comments

Outfitted with a weather balloon, a helium tank, a camera, a GPS and a 12th Man flag, a couple of bored Seahawks fans last weekend tried to make, if not history, at least something extraordinary happen.

Chad Peterson, 27, and friends Brent Savell, 29, and Ryan Schutt, 26, filled the weather balloon with helium, attached a parachute and hooked up their contraption: a duct-tape-wrapped box for electronics, a mounted camera and a long post to attach the 12th Man flag.

Then they let go.

It took two hours for the 12th Man flag to reach about 90,000 feet, Peterson said. At that altitude, the balloon was soaring through the stratosphere — not quite as high as the generally accepted boundary of space (about 300,000 feet) but pretty darn high.

Yessir, that is pretty darn high but also pretty much not outer space. Nice try, though.

In the meantime, chill out, Seahawks fans. You all already caused a localized earthquake. Isn’t that enough? You don’t need to be littering space with your fan accessories.

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