Puff Daddy To Give Commencement Speech At Howard University

04.15.14 4 years ago

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If the speech he gave on Rick Ross’ “Nobody” is any indication, Howard University’s class of 2014 is in for a real doozy. Former student Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs will return to the Mecca next month to give this year’s commencement speech.

Besides being an artist, actor, producer, and an entrepreneur with his hands in so many businesses that he might have clones, Puff is an excellent motivational speaker. His personal story is as inspirational as they come. While at studying business administration at Howard, Puff promoted parties that are still the stuff of legends, ran an airport shuttle service, and commuted back and forth between DC and New York to intern with Andre Harrell at Uptown Records.

This was as a freshman and sophomore.

He famously dropped out at age 19 to become one of the youngest music executives in history, and began his mostly successful plan for world domination. If anyone knows about hard work and determination, it’s him.

Besides that, few people are more persuasive than Puffy. Who else could convince legions of drinkers that cloyingly sweet, coconut flavored, vodka is a good idea? Who else could convince six adults to walk five miles to get him a slice of a cheesecake and make them feel sh*tty about not wanting them to do it? He invented the all-white party. The man made Biggie Smalls a sex symbol for God’s sake! No one is better than taking what looks like a bad idea on paper and not only making it work, but making it explode.

So will Puff dial it down for the academics, university officials, and parents in attendance, or will “Big Homie” speak to the graduates with the same energy and swagger he brings to everything else?

No matter what approach he chooses, I expect a great speech that will ruffle some feathers, and provide young people with motivation and a lasting memory to help propel them into the real world.

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