Season To Begin With Glorious Cowboys Loss

03.28.12 5 years ago 39 Comments

The NFL let it be known yesterday that the team offered as sacrifice to the defending Super Bowl champs for the special Wednesday edition of the annual season kickoff game will be the Cowboys. Some have said its a lackluster choice given that it’s “just” a division rival that the Giants swept last season, but that underestimates the country’s capacity to enjoy Cowboys losses, which if I may speak for everyone, is endless and insatiable. Did people already forget the first meeting between these teams last year, when the Giants scored two TDs in the last three minutes, Tony Romo overthrew Miles Austin badly on a play that would have sealed the game, and the Cowboys lost on a last-second blocked field goal? It was glorious.

Oh, and I suppose even the Cowboys winning would have its benefits. The defending champs have to lose this game one of these years. And John Mara has been a dick about how he’s reacted to the league screwing over the Cowboys and Redskins on the cap penalty business. Stop that. Don’t make Dallas into sympathetic figures, not even a little bit.

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