Slaughterhouse – “Hammer Dance” Video

04.23.12 5 years ago 7 Comments

Photo: Lucas Alvarado-Farrar/Far Fetched Future

Slaughterhouse’s Welcome To: OUR HOUSE doesn’t drop until July 12, yet planting the seeds possible future success cannot begin soon enough. The four headed bizzaro MC legion let loose of their “Hammer Dance” video with MTV getting the honors of first crack. With appearances from everyone imaginable from Miss Info, to ASAP Rocky, to Big Sean, to 50 Cent and even Kanye West and Eminem, Slaughter’s letting it be known they’re not some basement MC’s who just rap for the sake of rapping – they’ve actually got people in their corner who believe in the product. A wild assortment of witty lines doesn’t hurt either.

Now the question is, do you? Remember what happened damn near three years ago when Slaughterhouse dropped an album and fans of “real Hip-Hop” went out and supported? Of course you do.

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