SNUB! Belichick post-game dickery didn’t start in New England

07.05.08 9 years ago 26 Comments

How kickass was the George Michael Sports Machine back in the late 80’s/early 90s? The hokey phony sports computer equipment notwithstanding, his show was must-see on Sunday nights– Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann be damned. The clip below details the 1993 regular season finale between the playoff-bound Steelers and the Bill Belichick’s Cleveland Browns.

Belichick was fresh off his dumbass decision to cut starting QB and local folk-hero Bernie Kosar in favor of Todd Philcox. You all remember the great Todd Philcox, don’t you? They built a 50-foot statute in his honor in front of Severance Hall after he won his third league MVP award. Just kidding, he was a fucking bum.

Anyway, after Neil O’Donnell led the Steelers to a come from behind win, Belichick was in no mood for post-game pleasantries. He even goes as far as to leave Greg Lloyd hanging. What a class act.

Fast-forward fourteen years, Belichick has long since shed his image of a losing philanderer with the manners of pillaging Visigoth. Now he’s known far and wide as a choking philanderer with the manners of a pillaging Visigoth. Enjoy.

[ top image via SbB ]

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