Someone Wants To Make An Opera About Bum Phillips

06.06.13 4 years ago 18 Comments

Because I’m of the opinion that there could always be more opera about football coaches in cowboy hats, I am naturally in support of this band of artsy fartsy experimental opera people called the Monk Parrots creating an opera about former Oilers coach Bum Phillips. Apparently the score and libretto are already in place, but the group still needs about $67,000 to stage the world premiere in New York next year. They are turning to crowdsource funding for a third of it, which needs to be raised by the end of June.

So how does an opera about a football coach work?

The opera will be an epic portrait combining aspects of Phillips’ life using the structure of a football game, exploring how one man’s passion fueled an entire city’s hope and examining his ability to overcome strife through resilience and faith. Encouraged by Phillips’ motivational skills and homespun principles, we aim to push the boundaries of where and for whom opera is staged.

In 2011, I recalled my high school football days growing up in Texas and in a flash conceived an opera based on Bum Phillips. I was further inspired by reading Coach Phillips’ autobiography, Bum Phillips: Cowboy, Coach, Christian.

Pfft, artists. Always getting inspired by random shit.

As the above video shows, the former coach is aware that a bunch of silly theater folk are making this fancy singin’ thing about him and he reacted with appropriate slightly disturbed amusement.


This all sounds a bit strange, but sure, go for it. Shine on you crazy diamonds. In all honesty, if they can get Wade Phillips to participate wearing this, you can put me down for all the money in donations.


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