Scripps National Spelling Bee Finals Live Blog

05.29.14 3 years ago 825 Comments

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We’re gonna do our best to enjoy this in spite of the fact that spellfies are a thing. That’s right – spelling bee selfies. I included a link only to cater to the morbidly curious. I don’t recommend traveling down that rabbit hole.

The usual appeal remains: a chance to see little savants shine, the quiet devastation of the bell ding, the search for the next Kyle Mou, the future Mrs. Ponder identifying the wrong Indian girl and, of course, the invisible pen and paper on contestants’ hands.

Though it appears some spellers are updating their invisible technology. Imaginary keybaords being used to spell words.

I feel like the enter key is the goalpost spike of the spelling bee. That’s a little too much flaunting for the blue collar lunchpail spelling bee viewer.

By the way, I tried to get press credentials to attend the event because I live about 10 minutes away from National Harbor (now with a Ferris wheel AND a Peeps store!) but they turned me down for what are probably several very valid reasons that I will never know. Damn you, Scripps. You can’t silence the dick joke estate!

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