Stevie Johnson Leaving On A Plax Plane

11.27.11 6 years ago 7 Comments

Here’s the sure-to-be never discussed Stevie Johnson TD celebration where he gags on Plaxico cheddar bobbing himself then simulates a jet crash. Quite the compound celebration. One day we’re gonna need a museum guide to explain the references in these dances. Now let’s all chew on the irony of Goodell almost certainly fining Stevie for using fingagunz, even in the service of mocking a player’s stupidity with real guns.

In other developments, Matt Leinart lasted not even a full half before hurting his shoulder and being replaced by the amusingly named T.J. Yates. He did throw his first touchdown pass in three seasons, thus eclipsing the highest expectations any had for him for the remainder of the year.

UPDATE: Jerome Simpson with a flop of a lifetime. He sells moves more than Randy Orton.

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