“Stranded On Death Row…”

06.29.08 9 years ago 24 Comments

Suge Knight stays losing and seems to stamped his ticket for life on the D-List.

First he got sucker punched in a club parking lot last month and now he’s lost Death Row Records as a result from filing bankruptcy back in 2006. Independent label Global Music Group outbid other labels and publishing companies with a bid of $25 million dollars on Wednesday.

The Tennessee-based label will have access to the labels masters & previously unreleased recordings, but will still face hurdles as a majority of the assets are from the late Tupac Shakur. They will still need to get clearance from both his estate and Evergreen Copyrights (one of the companies they outbid), as they both hold final approval for any project in which Tupac’s material is involved.

This all but ends Suge Knight’s ties to the music industry on a business level, as he is still millions of dollars in debt. However as the first half of the year comes to an end , rest assured he has to be a front-runner for having “The Best Year Ever” when VH-1 does its yearly wrap up.

Global Music Group Acquires Death Row Assets [Billboard]

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