Taiwanese Animation Reminds Us There’s Still A Bountygate

03.07.12 6 years ago 14 Comments

People assume Peyton Manning’s neck problems were started by a Gregg Williams defense. Peyton Manning lost in the Super Bowl to a Gregg Williams defense. And yet, there’s Pey-Pey being released just in time to temporarily take some of the heat off of Gregggggggg and his many cohorts. What a class act, that Pey-Pey.

It was only a question of when topical news skewers Next Media Animation would trot out its take on GreggggGgggate and it is as satisfying as its release is predictable. Give me Brett Favre getting halved at the waist and you’ve got a happy viewer. I would have liked to see NMA Media take a note from PK’s magazine story and have Williams waving giant sacks showing three dollar signs from the sideline. Or maybe Greggg fanning himself with white envelopes like a Chinese courtesan, but I suppose this will have to do instead.

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