TCVVX – “Clocks” Video

06.26.14 3 years ago

“You should slow it down, Why always be on time for everything?”

While we’ve lamented the lack of soul in R&B, it turns out we may have been wrong all along. Modern R&B still has a lot of life and energy left once we veer from the stale, sex-driven standards pushed by labels and radio. On the fringes, there lies a current crop of artists popping up who’ve managed to disguise their sound by lifting rhythms and instrumentation of other genres while meshing them with thoughtful lyrics trade aggressiveness in for come-ons that are more inviting.

Enter the name TCVVX for those vying for attention in this new space. The lyric quoted above is the running refrain from his single “Clocks,” a song for which he just released a video today. While the bellowing production surges forward, it’s TC’s vocals and lyrics that call out for a chance to stop and enjoy the moment instead of killing time with the mundane or rushing through it all in a blur, like the ladies in the clip. There’s nothing extravagant or life-altering here. Life-enchancing would be a term that fits since “Clocks” is a simple number fit for summer nights.

TCVVX’s self-titled EP is slated to drop late summer.

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