The 2012 Least Bowl Voting Is Open

12.26.12 5 years ago 88 Comments

Too often, we get caught up trying to identify true greatness. But why? With so much mediocrity and wretchedness in the world, greatness is easy to see. It’s exceptional incompetence that suffers from a lack of attention. Goodness is a rarity and therefore stands alone. Leastiness exists within a crowded field of badness, waiting to be found and mocked. Furthermore, it’s generally more fun to laugh at someone than to clap in admiration.

So when KSK kommenter Fekler approached me with the idea of creating a Least Bowl roster, I was like, “Sure, I’ll need stuff to post in the dead zone after Christmas.” Also I thought it was a worthwhile concept. It’s like a creating a fantasy team of the worst starting players in the league. What fun!

The ballot Fek created is after the jump. I’m not sure why he included Cecil Shorts in the options for AFC receiver. Shorts has been pretty damn good for a terrible team. Fek cites alcoholism for the error. I certainly understand that. That’s why pencils have erasers and roads have DUI checkpoints. Also, there’s an option for a write-in vote, in case there’s a more deserving candidate that doesn’t appear on Fek’s ballot.

We’ll announce the results next week.

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