“The Christmas Spirit…”

11.27.08 9 years ago 13 Comments

Let’s be realistic about our fates today.

You’re going to go into your beloved relatives house, laugh & be merry, eat, share some time on the couch in front of the TV. Somebody’s gonna tell that story about “that one time when…”

Then with one of your older relatives, the conversation is going to come up. The statement will be made – “You be on the computer all the time downloading music. Why don’t you get me some Christmas music?”

It’s inevitable.

Nevermind that Thanksgiving dinner isn’t even fully digested. You will get this request because “you’re the music man” in the family, the one adept @ computer use.

But never you worry. We got you covered already. This is a start & we’ll shoot you more later.

Christmas Shots

Stevie Wonder – Christmas Collection

John Legend – Sounds Of The Season: The John Legend Collection

Whitney Houston – One Wish

Mariah Carey – Merry Christmas

Faith Evans – A Faithful Christmas

The Jackson 5 – The Christmas Collection

Ashanti – Ashanti’s Christmas

Boyz II Men – Christmas Interpretations

Christmas Shots

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