The Raiders Are Somewhat Interested In The Tuck Rule Being Eliminated

03.15.13 5 years ago 13 Comments

As was mentioned before this past season ended, the NFL was going to review during the off-season whether it was going to do away with the controversial Tuck Rule, which was technically in the rule books prior to the Patriots victory over the Raiders in the 2001 playoffs, even if no one can recall it ever being enforced. Thanks again, Walt Coleman.

Now the time has come for the Competition Committee to consider the change. Most presume that the Tuck Rule will finally be eliminated. Not a moment too soon for the Raiders, whose official Twiiter account tracked just how long it’s been since the infamous game in Foxboro where they . At this point, the rule has been a regular part of the game long enough that it’ll take some getting used to when a questionable quarterback fumble is actually ruled as such, but even if the transition will be awkward for a bit, few will argue that it isn’t necessary.

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