Tiki Barber: Brain Tumor Free!

10.20.11 6 years ago 18 Comments

You might have heard that the Ronnie Brown-Jerome Harrison trade hit a little snag when Harrison failed his physical by virtue of a BRAIN TUMOR. Yipe! Time to hug the loved ones. Nevertheless, you know which available running back contains no brain tumors and is only a metaphorical cancer? Tiki Barber! That’s right! Here’s Mike Florio, who along with Peter King comprises the TAG TEAM TROLLERS OF THE WOOOOOORRRRRRRLLLLLLDDDDDD, advocating for Barber getting a job with the Lions. This should be good. Give us your best shot, Floors.

Why not give Tiki Barber a try?

Q.E.D., MUTHHAFFFUKKAS. Go ahead and draw up the contract, Detroit. Atta boy, Florio. I like how you kept that sentence under 80 words. Now, next time, I want you to keep your shoulders square, practice your follow-through. Oh, and don’t forget to USE YOUR FU*KING BUMPKIN BRAIN.

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